Sunday, June 29, 2014

Insta-Influence: What Is It

You may be wondering, "What Is Insta-Influence?"

Insta-Influence is a LOADED Instagram training course by Network Marketer, Tar'Lese Rideaux.  This training was created based on finally finding success in network marketing by using Instagram to generate leads. Yes, it is based on REAL EXPERIENCE and proven techniques.

Insta-Influence has 6 modules that teach you everything from the basics to insider secrets that you won't find anywhere else! Before you even learn about the course, you can download a FREE Report, "10 Secrets To Getting Hundreds Of Free Leads Daily From Instagram"

Module 1 "The Basics, What Do All Those Weird Icons Mean?"
Module 2 "Now What Do I Do?"
Module 3 "Share It!"
Module 4 "Tools of The Trade"
Module 5 "Brand Yourself Like A Pro"
Module 6 "The Missing Chapter"

Insta-Influence also has three REAL Life Case Studies of every day people who have used what they've learned from this course to get real leads and real sales. Network Marketers also saw an increase in new partners! Best of all they DID NOT have to hound friends and families, have tasting parties, etc.

This course keeps things very simple and what you learn can be implemented to get you results within the first day!

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